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03/02/2021, 8:39 PM
Hello all, I was trying to test meltano by creating a simple flow to extract a csv file from a local folder (or github) and load it into another folder. However seems like I haven’t done something right. I have attached my yaml file. And the output I get for it is:
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(.venv) (base) Farids-MacBook-Pro:gith farid$ meltano elt tap-spreadsheets-anywhere target-csv --job_id=zadd
meltano                   | Running extract & load...
meltano                   | No state was found, complete import.
target-csv                | INFO Sending version information to <|>. To disable sending anonymous usage data, set the config parameter "disable_collection" to true
tap-spreadsheets-anywhere | INFO Using supplied catalog /Users/farid/WorkSpace/meltano-projects/meltano-projects/gith/.meltano/run/elt/zadd/24df7e7e-1bf4-4a16-a544-bd038b2380c0/
meltano                   | Extract & load complete!
meltano                   | Transformation skipped.
Also when I run the discover command:
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(.venv) (base) Farids-MacBook-Pro:gith farid$ meltano invoke tap-spreadsheets-anywhere --discover
INFO Walking /Users/farid/WorkSpace/meltano-projects/meltano-projects/csvs.
INFO Found 1 files.
ERROR Unable to write Catalog entry for 'target_table_name' - it will be skipped due to error nothing to repeat at position 0
  "streams": []
Any ideas? Thanks