<@U06C5FMMCQN> Hello, I am using Transferwise tap ...
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@peter_kosztolanyi Hello, I am using Transferwise tap & target to sync pg2pg with LOG_BASED as replication method. I have run the
meltano elt tap-postgres target-postgres
quite a few times sucessfully, but for each table I get the following:
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Beginning sync of stream(public-xxxxxxxx) with sync method(logical_initial)
Performing initial full table sync
And it does updates instead of inserts
{"inserts": 0, "updates": 100000, "size_bytes": 11064744}
but the data is the same It doesn’t seem to be reading from the replication log, but it seems it always does a full refresh. Am I doing something wrong? My source database is AWS Aurora Postgres 11.9 with rds.logical_replication set to 1 in the Parameter Group