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01/29/2021, 10:31 PM
Hello guys, I was syncing a table with 10M+ records, and I encountered an error:
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target-postgres | psycopg2.errors.UntranslatableCharacter: unsupported Unicode escape sequence
target-postgres | DETAIL:  \u0000 cannot be converted to text.
target-postgres | CONTEXT:  JSON data, line 1: ...ams commmunication": "false", "Waiver Signature":...
target-postgres | COPY tmp_7e554454_d6ae_43b2_9169_b6f767a05767, line 18152, column custom_data: "{"Adult and Youth Waiver": "true", "Rams commmunication": "false", "Waiver Signature": "Kristina Bro..."
ohthis is a known issue in Postgres with \0 as EOS. Any idea how can I add processing on the singer json, so I can replace all \0 or to cast a specific column to json or jsonb