I’m just getting started setting up a MySQL to Sno...
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I’m just getting started setting up a MySQL to Snowflake pipeline. The first problem I ran into was in connecting to MySQL. I ran into this error. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45368336/error-keyerror-255-when-executing-pymysql-connect. The fix here worked for me. Anybody else every run into this? I was planning on creating an issue for this. I know the fix, but I’m not sure how to test or even if anyone else can reproduce the issue. After I got the connection working, I ran into
pipe closed by peer or os.write(pipe, data) raised exception.
less that 10% of the way through the initial load (185K out of 4.7M). I saw others have run into this type of error when the tap is faster than the loader (I think). Would upping my warehouse size in snowflake help? Would changing the buffer size help?