Hi, I am new to Meltano. I was trying to start wit...
# plugins-general
Hi, I am new to Meltano. I was trying to start with a simple extractor to test things out. I am currently using csv extractor and trying to load my data into snowflake. I am following the below tutorial. https://meltano.com/tutorials/csv-with-postgres.html#initialize-your-project Below is my config file.
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version: 1
send_anonymous_usage_stats: true
project_id: b355f1ea-8dd5-43e5-910e-11201178d8ae
  - name: tap-google-analytics
    variant: meltano
    pip_url: git+<https://gitlab.com/meltano/tap-google-analytics.git>
      key_file_location: extract/tap-google-analytics@default/key_file_location/keys.json
      start_date: '2020-10-01'
      view_id: '161969997'
  - name: tap-gitlab
    variant: meltano
    pip_url: git+<https://gitlab.com/meltano/tap-gitlab.git>
  - name: tap-spreadsheets-anywhere
    pip_url: git+<https://github.com/ets/tap-spreadsheets-anywhere.git>
  - name: tap-csv
    variant: meltano
    pip_url: git+<https://gitlab.com/meltano/tap-csv.git>
        csv_files_definition: extract/files-def.json
The UI has shows more than one required inputs and I am not able to create a new pipeline. Can some please help me with this?