Hey, love the concept for using a schema around ta...
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Hey, love the concept for using a schema around taps & targets so that community infra can be built around it. I need to get data out of a few niche applications (construction software) so happy to share these with the community once I've got them working - just a few implementation details holding me up. I have a custom tap I'm building for SIgnOnSite that works perfectly with
meltano invoke tap-signonsite --properties path/to/properties.json
(doesn't work unless properties is specified, assuming that's intended behaviour). It doesn't work as part of a pipeline in Meltano UI though (just to target-csv, so couldn't be simpler). It gives 2 errors •
invalid catalog output
- I copied the base for my tap from
, so assumed that it would work. This looks the same as
too, so any insight on what's wrong? It results in the JSON catalog being dumped to console when run •
ERROR: unable to parse
- it can't parse the arguments for some reason.. Works fine with
meltano invoke
as noted above, so does the UI pass the arguments differently? Also, I'll likely want to use
meltano elt
once this is working to schedule the pipeline myself - where does it get the properties file from? When I
meltano invoke
, I'm specifying the path, but it doesn't look like there's an option for that with
meltano elt