Hi Team, I have a use case where my parent stream ...
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Hi Team, I have a use case where my parent stream puts an array in context in
class. Now I want child stream to make multiple API calls (one for each value in context array). One thing to note - this value from array will be required in child stream URL (not param) Is there any way to do this in meltano? E.g. parent stream context => `campaign_ids=['ID1', 'ID2', 'ID3'] now the child stream should make 3 calls - one with ID1, then with ID2 and last ID3 in url.
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Hi @ashish! Thanks for the detailed explanation of your request. It's unfortunately not supported at the moment since the expectation is a 1-1 relation between a parent record and a child stream sync. I think support could be relatively easily added by converting the Stream.get_child_context method into a generator and having Stream._process_record iterate over the values: https://github.com/meltano/sdk/issues/1862
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Thanks @Edgar Ramírez (Arch.dev) This is great! Waiting for the PR to merge.