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11/27/2023, 9:12 PM
Are there any taps for extracting data from Office 365 cloud hosted Excel workbooks? Use case is I want to load data from a workbook that a client will be periodically adding rows to. I saw this tap but if I'm understanding it correctly it extracts excel files from a directory/folder structure. I'm looking for something similar to the google sheets extractor
Circling back this, thanks everyone for the input! I think tap-sharepoint is the way to go for us. @Henning Holgersen I'm trying to set this up for a client. For authentication, am I understanding correctly that they have to create a user assigned managed identity in Azure and then grab the client_id from that identity to input into the tap config?

Henning Holgersen

01/30/2024, 6:16 AM
@steven_wang roughly true. At its core, whatever runs your tap needs to be able to authenticate either using DefaultAzureCredential or ManagedIdentityCredential. If you specify a managed identity, it will use that managed identity in particular. So you can do this using a service principal as long as the correct environment variables are set then DefaultAzureCredential will work. The tricky part is to grant sharepoint access to the identity/sp, Iā€™m lucky to have dedicated Microsoft identity people to do that, but this blog post by one of my colleagues is instructive:
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