I'm losing faith in the singer ecosystem. Perhaps ...
# singer-tap-development
I'm losing faith in the singer ecosystem. Perhaps others have managed to find a happy-path with singer? How can I find the happy-path? What i'm worried about: • The original singer-python is unmaintained. Taps using it become more and more outdated. It is also flawed in that it pins its deps (a library should not). • Transferwise's pipelinewise keeps a few well-maintained taps, but outside of that you're on your own. It's not really an SDK. • Metano's singer-sdk is an improvement over original singer sdk, but the flaws of the original spec are unfortunately also present. Eg. transforms are part of destinations, hard to pass runtime or source originated params/metadata to destination (for partitioning), scaling is an afterthought. I'm exploring alternatives to singer-based ETL, and all I can say is that all alternatives are flawed in their own ways. Help me restore my faith 🙂.