Hi all! I have few questions around singer tap dev...
# singer-tap-development
Hi all! I have few questions around singer tap development which I was not able find in the documentation or sample codes. 1. Does
poetry install &&  poetry run my-tap --config .secrets/config.json
refer to meltano.yml file in anyway internally? From my understanding it doesn’t. If so, then how to I mark my streams as selected ? I am getting this error ->
Skipping deselected stream <my-stream>
every time(from tap_base.py). 2. When I try to run the same project with meltano instead of poetry, I face issues.
ImportError: cannot import name 'cached_property' from 'functools' (/Users/me/.pyenv/versions/3.7.15/lib/python3.7/functools.py)
. If I remove this cached_property also, I face some other issues. I am guessing its due to difference in python versions or poetry environments(running 3.11)? I see that meltano is trying to use python 3.7.15, but my global python version is managed by
and is set to 3.9.2.
python3 --version
= Python 3.9.2.
python --version
= Python 3.9.2. How can I fix this conflict ? 3. When running
poetry run my-tap --test
, then I get
, which looks like it happens when I reach
. In my case, it is set to 1(not sure how), so I don’t get any records in the output, straight away this exception. Thanks in advance. 🙂