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06/02/2023, 11:23 PM
Hi, I am looking to use the BaseOffsetPaginator but I would like to pass in a parameters like the jsonpath to where the token in located in the response. I'm trying to write a generic function so I can use if for many types of API's, and the location of where the tokens that I need to use is in different locations. For example on the NOAA website the location here under metadata -> resultset. Ideally if I could pass in the location using NEXT_PAGE_TOKEN_PATH='$.metadata.resultset', then I could directly access the tokens limit, count, and offset.
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	"results": [
			"id": "GSOY",
			"name": "Global Summary of the Year",
			"datacoverage": 1,
			"mindate": "1763-01-01",
			"maxdate": "2015-01-01"
	"metadata": {
		"resultset": {
			"limit": 25,
			"count": 11,
			"offset": 1
This is my code at the moment, but would really like to pass in the JSONPath so I could use that to obtain the token. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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class RestAPIOffsetPaginator(BaseOffsetPaginator):
    def has_more(self, response: requests.Response) -> bool:
        """Return True if there are more pages to fetch.

            response: The most recent response object.

            Whether there are more pages to fetch.

        pagination = {}
        pagination = response.json().get('metadata', {}).get('resultset')
        if pagination and all(x in pagination for x in ["offset", "limit"]):
            if pagination["offset"]:
                return True
        return False
And I call it like so.
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def get_new_paginator(self):
        """Return the requested paginator required to retrieve all data from the API.

              Paginator Class.

        return RestAPIOffsetPaginator(start_value=0, page_size=25)
I would ideally like to pass in the JSONPath so I can use it in my custom paginator like so. Please note another API may have the tokens in another location like pagination so I would like it to be a passed parameter. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks
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return RestAPIOffsetPaginator(start_value=0, page_size=25, jsonpath=self.next_page_token_jsonpath)