# singer-tap-development


03/07/2023, 10:33 PM
Has anyone ever run into an issue with the tap-mysql (pipelinewise variant) where it will time out when trying to access the database? Normally, in the past this is caused by a networking disconnect between my ECS container and the database I’m trying to replicate. In this case I know it’s not a networking problem because: 1. our engineers didn’t change any of that config nor did I 2. I can exec into one of my containers and access the mysql instance from the CLI. 3. My pipelines can successfully access RDS instances in an EU region (only instances in us-east-1 time out) To add to the strangeness, when I run a pipeline with a unique
everything runs fine, only on the second run does it timeout. I’ve checked the connection parameters I’m using and they are all properly formatted (again I didn’t change any of that). This just started happening on a weekend so it happened out of the blue even though no one had changed anything … so confusing.