Hello to Everyone! I’m developing a data warehous...
# singer-tap-development
Hello to Everyone! I’m developing a data warehouse for jira ->vertica db. This is my first ELT project ever. As i’m here on this slack one could assume I’m using meltano for that :). With tap-jira i can only set the start_date in the config file. I understand the regular daily loading...but how am i supposed to do the first extract say from 2018 until today? i've seen that some taps have also configurable end_date parameter which allows one to extract in controllable chunks, or alternatively some batch size control option. How would one add this configurable parameter to tap-jira, or is there some workaround for that problem? There exists some Vertica target https://github.com/full360/pipelinewise-target-vertica but it seems it's not operational anymore since it's not neither noted as being supported as existing pipelinewise target nor does it install on my local system as independent singer target! All the help is very appreciated guys!