# singer-tap-development


12/09/2022, 8:47 AM
I would like to continue discussing this issue Now I have come to the conclusion that we have products that use oath2 (authorization through a pop-up window), that is, the user clicks on the product, then he opens a MS, Google, etc pop-up window, where he enters data from his account, and the provider returns us accessToken and refreshToken. We store this pair and when the accessToken is expired we refresh it with a refreshToken. In this case, we do not receive the user's authorization data and do not store it with us, we only have a couple of tokens If you say that at every start it is necessary for tap to receive authorization data, then it seems to me that in this case it will be impossible. We run tap every 15 minutes. Based on this, I have only one solution, create a getToken route on our server, and keep the token updated on our server if meltano does not support it.