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11/28/2022, 12:37 PM
Hello. Please help me figure out JSONPathPaginator. The fact is that I started using it, and for some reason it returns me the id not of the last entry from the list, but of the first one. It's happening here
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def get_next(self, response: Response) -> str | None:
        """Get the next page token.

            response: API response object.

            The next page token.
        all_matches = extract_jsonpath(self._jsonpath, response.json())
        return next(all_matches, None)
Here is my example
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      id: 1
      dateTime: "11-10-2022T12:03:00"
      id: 2
      dateTime: "11-10-2022T12:04:00"
      id: 3
      dateTime: "11-10-2022T12:06:00"
This function returns 1. But it would be logical for me if it returned 3 (so that in the next query I could put where id > 3 Please help me understand this moment. I understand that I can redefine this function and make it return the last element instead of the first one, but I want to understand why this function was originally described so that it returns the first element? (Perhaps it is described for the case of sorting in descending order?)