# singer-tap-development


11/16/2022, 8:50 AM
Hi All, Need some guidance as i am developing a custom tap which uses get starting timestamp (self.get_starting_timestamp(context)). 1. Question: Does this get_starting_timestamp ensure that on my first run of the tap it uses the start_date value i set in the yml file and then automatically store when the last run was, so that it ensures the future runs use the last run timestamp- automatically ? 2. Issue: I am trying to get this function working in the custom tap i am developing. However, i am stuck with an issue where it is returning an empty dict. The endpoint API needs the filter parameter to be like - /api/lists/?filter=greater-than(updated,2022-05-23T000000Z) - so, i followed suit by updating the params with filter as key and adding self.get_starting_timestamp(context) (below screenshot shows how i did it) . and ensured i had replication_key as ‘updated’. In addition, i set the start_date with the above timestamp in the meltano.yml file as well, but it keeps returning an empty dict . Any thoughts on where i might have gone wrong? Any help is much appreciated, thank you in advance