# singer-tap-development


11/08/2022, 10:02 AM
Hi All, I am trying to work on a tap so that it parses the data from the initial API call to extract the data set and then extracts the next page in the api so that it can make subsequent requests. Below is how the API is structured- I was able to extract the path of the next url using the response get function. I placed that in the get_next_page_token function , below(second screenshot) shows how i structured the get_url_params and get_next_page_token.. However, when i run the tap, it is throwing below errors (third screenshot) after the first iteration(parsing the first response and loading it to target). I would really appreciate if there is a sample code i can replicate as my rest api is just returning the next url and i just need to take that next url and execute subsequent requests.. I am struggling to get such a simple functionality working . Any help would be immensely appreciated.