I built another personal project tap over the week...
# singer-tap-development
I built another personal project tap over the weekend, tap-lichess. A few thoughts: • I love the new Paginator interface! It made a common problem I've seen (fetch an explicit subset of items defined in config, e.g. Lichess usernames, GitLab project ids, etc) very easy: https://github.com/rabidaudio/tap-lichess/blob/main/tap_lichess/streams.py#L12 • I made an
class. It doesn't generate streams from a swagger spec, but it does use the base url and response schema from it, which still saves a lot of time over defining schemas by hand: https://github.com/rabidaudio/tap-lichess/blob/main/tap_lichess/openapi.py • If anyone ever needs to do streaming requests, there's an example in GamesStream. Basically enable stream mode in the session with
requests_session.stream = True
and then override
• Posting a request body that isn't json wasn't hard but I did have to re-implement
seems to assume all bodies are json (which seems pretty reasonable to me)