# singer-tap-development


09/01/2022, 5:03 PM
I tried really hard to work with poetry when I started developing my first meltano SDK tap a few months ago (previously just used
). It seemed to work ok, and I even tried it in another project, but ended up abandoning it there because it seemed to raise dependency conflicts that didn’t make sense. Then it let me uninstall a package that it depended on itself and stopped working altogether! I have to make a change to the tap I built a few months ago now and when check out the code anew and run
poetry install
, I’m getting errors during the installation of sqlalchemy! I’ve got the same lock file, so it shouldn’t do that! I tried updating packages, but still no dice. I think I’m done with it. Anyone else just got fed up with it, or does my experience clearly seem like an outlier?