# singer-tap-development


06/16/2022, 8:39 AM
Hello there! I'm implementing a few taps and seem to be stuck at using bookmarks. I have this: and this And both have the same issue: when I re-start the meltano job with the correct job_id, the job starts from the beginning, ignoring the stored state. Both of these, I started with the cookiecutter REST API template, Bearer token authorization, and haven't done anything for bookmarks. What am I missing? EDIT1: Well one thing I was missing was that while the API allows to sort results, it doesn't allow to use the date as a filter ("get me records after this timestamp"). Instead, I can only use the uuid that identifies a record as a "start after". So, I guess the replication_key needs to be this uuid, I can still say it's sorted, but the replication_key isn't a timestamp. Should this work out-of-the-box? No, how could it. I still need a way to tell the API in the beginning where to start.