# singer-tap-development

Stéphane Burwash

05/20/2022, 9:07 PM
Hey guys, I'm seeing some duplicate entries in my database when using parent-> child interactions going through stitch. Has anyone ever seen this issue / knows how to deal with it? Here is how I implemented to interaction (not the prettiest code, I'm sorry): Parent:
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class DealsStream(HubspotStream):
    """Define custom stream."""
    name = "deals"
    path = "/crm/v3/objects/deals"
    primary_keys = ["id"]
    partitions = [{"archived": True}, {"archived": False}]

    def get_url_params(self, context: Optional[dict], next_page_token: Optional[Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]:
        params = super().get_url_params(context, next_page_token)
        params['properties'] = ','.join(
        params['archived'] = context['archived']
        return params

    def schema(self) -> dict:
        if self.cached_schema is None:
            self.cached_schema, = self.get_custom_schema()
        return self.cached_schema

    def get_child_context(self, record: dict, context: Optional[dict]) -> dict:
        """Return a context dictionary for child streams."""
        return {
            "deal_id": record["id"],
            "archived": record["archived"]
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class AssociationsDealsToCompaniesStream(HubspotStream):
    path = "/crm/v4/objects/deals/{deal_id}/associations/companies"
    deal_id = ""
    replication_method = "FULL_TABLE"
    replication_key = ""
    parent_stream_type = DealsStream

    ignore_parent_replication_keys = True

    def get_url_params(
        self, context: Optional[dict], next_page_token: Optional[Any]
    ) -> Dict[str, Any]:
        """Return a dictionary of values to be used in URL parameterization."""
        params = super().get_url_params(context, next_page_token)
        self.deal_id = context['deal_id']
        return params

    def parse_response(self, response: requests.Response) -> Iterable[dict]:
        data = response.json()['results']
        ret = []
        for e in data:
            elem = e
            elem['id'] = self.deal_id

        return ret