# singer-tap-development


05/03/2022, 7:14 AM
Hello, I’m struggling with implementing a simple behavior into my tap and I’d be thankful for any help. I have a case where I want to query a list of details across all projects. First, a parent stream queries a list of accessible projects. Then child streams query for details of each individual project (one stream per project). I want the results of all the child streams combined. I’m finding it very difficult to find any documentation on how to implement this 1:many mapping. Any guidance or references to related examples would be much appreciated. Here’s some simplified psuedocode of what I’m trying to accomplish.
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details = []
projects = requests.get(f"{url}/api/projects/search).json()

for project in projects:
    response = requests.get(f"{url}/api/{project}/detail).json()
    for detail in response:
return {"details": details}