# singer-tap-development


01/21/2022, 11:51 AM
Hi everyone, I could do with some help on exception handling best practices for a custom tap I’m developing: The API for the tap returns a status code 429 when it receives too many requests. Following @pablo_seibelt’s fine suggestion I’ve re-implemented
to handle the error. This works perfectly when running meltano in my test environment - the tap pauses for an amount of time before resubmitting the request. However, if I install the tap as a custom extractor using the github repo above then a 429 status code causes the running of the tap exit immediately with the following error 😞 .
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[error    ] Extraction failed              code=1 job_id=2022-01-21T112740--tap-cqc-org-uk--target-jsonl message=singer_sdk.exceptions.FatalAPIError: 429 Client Error: Too Many Requests for path: /locations/{locationId} name=meltano run_id=ff1f62a6-c0d1-4c6f-8525-7bdd8318001b
Any ideas on what might be causing the difference would be gratefully received 🙏