# singer-tap-development


12/29/2021, 12:25 PM
Is there some more info on how to implement paging? I am new to singer tap development and try to implement the following call right now: with a limit and offset on the call, but I have no idea how to actually implement this. Basically I already started with extending the get_url_params with the right params:
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def get_url_params(
        self, context: Optional[dict], next_page_token: Optional[Any]
    ) -> Dict[str, Any]:
        """Return a dictionary of values to be used in URL parameterization."""
        params: dict = {}
        if next_page_token:
            params["offset"] = next_page_token
            params["limit"] = 500
        if self.replication_key:
            params["sort"] = "asc"
            params["order_by"] = self.replication_key
        return params
Not sure what to do with `next_page_token_jsonpath = "$.next_page" # Or override `get_next_page_token`` or
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def get_next_page_token(
        self, response: requests.Response, previous_token: Optional[Any]
    ) -> Optional[Any]:
        """Return a token for identifying next page or None if no more pages."""
        # TODO: If pagination is required, return a token which can be used to get the
        #       next page. If this is the final page, return "None" to end the
        #       pagination loop.
        if self.next_page_token_jsonpath:
            all_matches = extract_jsonpath(
                self.next_page_token_jsonpath, response.json()
            first_match = next(iter(all_matches), None)
            next_page_token = first_match
            next_page_token = response.headers.get("X-Next-Page", None)

        return next_page_token