# singer-tap-development


11/29/2021, 8:22 PM
I rebuilt one of my SDK-based taps last week (Nov 22 2021) and ran several pipelines based on the rebuilt tap. Various runs stalled indefinitely at the beginning of a new stream but before any records were synced. Last log I see when the runs get hung up is (even with
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tap-pendo        | extractor | time=2021-11-29 16:56:24 name=tap-pendo level=INFO message=Beginning incremental sync of 'guideEvents' with context: {'guideId': '<abcDEF>'}...
And then it will run for days (literally) without ever making another log. At first, I assumed this had something to do with the recent release of the SDK (this commit in particular) . But I can see other places in the logs where the error logs from the new
method is being produced. I don’t know exactly how to reproduce this because the API I’m using doesn’t produce this behavior on a predictable basis. All I know is that the tap is built for the Pendo API. Without any useful logs I don’t know where else to look to debug. Any thoughts?