When we built `tap-athena` in the live coding sess...
# singer-tap-development
When we built
in the live coding session two weeks ago, I commented on how generic the code ended up being. The only thing Athena-specific was the creation of the sqlalchemy conection string, which concatenated the creds. We didn't yet to any Athena-specific optimizations but the result was still functional and a solid entry-level tap. Alternatively, we could get the same functionality by allowing the user to install their own driver and provide their own fully built connection string. What do folks think of a basic
or (anther name for the same thing)
(emphasis on DBAPI as described in PEP-249)? Presumably, If the proper drive is installed into the virtual environment, then this could give basic interop for anything in this list or this one - as well as for community-created drivers like PyAthena which are not on either list. The tap would just accept as config input whatever connection string was needed for the specific requested driver. Questions for further discussion: 1. Would this be valuable as an entry-level connector - and/or a starting point for other taps? 2. Any thoughts on the naming
? I think I like referencing DBAPI but curious to other's thoughts.