# singer-tap-development


08/09/2021, 12:44 PM
Hi Singer-Tap Devs, I am about to embark on writing my first tap. The data source is a proprietary data source which requires me to install their code (python or C++) in order to make requests and get back what I want.. the questions I have are.. are taps always and only written in Python? Seems so.. which is fine, but I will likely want to call the C++ version of the client due to performance requirements.. this service is something I have to be logged into in order to query. Where or how do I signal to the tap that I am logged in.. or is this stuff that you reserve for the scheduler? I guess I can look into airflow (the scheduler I am using rn) and see how can I queue up things so when / IF I login.. I will begin querying what was requested… is anyone working with taps which are not always “on”? and have some sample ways to handle this ? thanks