# singer-tap-development


07/10/2021, 2:47 AM
Hey all, I’m testing out developing my new tap using the Meltano SDK using the REST base. I can see how much faster one can develop taps once they get the hang of it. As I’ve mentioned on a previous office hours session, I have to make N calls to the API for N domains (passed in through config), e.g. config:
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{ "domains": ["<|>", "<|>", ...]
I’m calling the endpoint with each domain e.g.
. I need to be able to track state for each domain:
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   "mystream": {
       "<|>": { "status": "success", "status_dts": "[UTC_dt]"},
       "<|>": { "status": "entity_not_found", "status_dts": "[UTC_dt]"},

Where’s the best place to manage the state for this kind of thing? In every example I read, they are using a simple bookmark, but I need fine-grain control.