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# singer-tap-development
<!channel> - A shiny new channel name! meltano 🚀 TL;DR: Please take note the new channel name #singer-tap-development replaces the previous
name. We are simultaneously launching a new sister channel specifically for targets: #singer-target-development
Background To date, this channel has been a fantastic tool for focused discussions on SDK development topics. However, as the platform grows, the needs of the community have also evolved. We've noted many SDK questions landing in #development and #getting-started, which doesn't give the same network of tap developers to support those inquiries. We also wanted to create a dedicated channel for tap and target development, since not everyone will be interested in doing both. Now, there's one channel each for builders of taps and builders of targets, and we hope even maintainers of taps/targets which have not yet been migrated to the SDK can still benefit from support from the respective channel communities. Related channels of interest We'll continue to cross-post SDK announcements here and in #singer-target-development as applicable but our first-stop for SDK-related announcements will be the main #announcements channel. Also, we'll begin using #development and #contributing more actively for MRs directly against the SDK as well as for the Meltano core product.