# singer-tap-development


05/26/2021, 8:55 PM
About what i mentioned, thanks for confirming in the call that what i was doing was not crazy, i'll talk internally before announcing anything officially but if anyone wants to peek, this is the repository, i realize some of my solutions might be hacky so if you take a look let me know what you think I'll explain my usecase and how i solved it in case it's useful since the parent-child thing is new 🙂 : I'm trying to get Estate "orders", an estate is a group of lands in the Decentraland virtual world, however you can modify an estate before/after selling it, so it's a mutable entity, and unfortunately the API doesn't return the status at the time of the transaction. However it does return a "blockNumber" to retrieve the correct status from the blockchain. So what i'm doing (On
) is creating a child stream that gets just that exact row, the Estate as it was on the block number i retrieved in the other stream.
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            first: 1,
            where:{id: $estateId},
            block:{number: $blockNumber}
So i'm super grateful for this feature being released 🙇 I had to "hack" my way a little to make sure each one is only downloaded once, but i think the solution is not terrible, however wanted to mention it because of two things: 1) It might be worth thinking if there's some way to integrate it as an option instead of having to modify the behavior 2) I came to a similar issue to the one described by @michael_cooper, the block number is not returned in the API, i had to add it on post_process (There's no way to add it, i checked 😞 )