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# singer-tap-development
<!channel> Singer SDK v0.1.4 is Now Available🎉 We are excited to announce the latest version of the Singer SDK. With this release, we’re thrilled to add automatic support for stream, field, and schema selection as well as a brand new set of cookiecutter templates for new projects! Here’s the full list of new features in this release: • Added selection rules support for record and schema messages (#7!26) • Added support for GraphQL query variables (#115!78) • Improved cookiecutter template coverage, resolved readability issues. (#116#119!75) This release also includes two fixes: • Resolved tap failure when a stream is missing from the input catalog. (#105!80) • Resolved bug where unsorted streams did not properly advance state bookmarks for incremental streams. (#118!74) To upgrade from within your repo: 
poetry update singer-sdk