# singer-tap-development


03/26/2021, 9:38 PM
<!channel> Meltano and Singer Community Members: Our target delivery date for the SDK is this coming Tuesday, March 30, 2021. Many members of our community have been actively finding bugs, testing functionality, and providing much-needed feedback. THANK YOU to everyone whose played a part in this effort. If you have additional feedback or questions regarding the latest release candidate (
), you can drop your comments here and/or log them dedicated issues. If you are aware of any already-logged issues which you feel should be prioritized more highly, feel free to link those here in this thread and we’ll be sure to evaluate them for inclusion. Lastly, if you’ve already been testing using a prior version, we’d greatly appreciate if you could update once more to this prerelease (
poetry add singer-sdk==0.0.2-dev.1132772314
) and report any bugs or other findings here in this thread. Thanks very much! AJ UPDATE: I have updated the version numbers above to match the latest, now that #59 (all caps env vars) is resolved and merged.