# singer-tap-development


03/18/2021, 9:34 PM
SDK Cookiecutter Updates and Fixes @mohamed_sadek and everyone <!here>: I’ve just merged in a pretty large set of updates and fixes to the cookiecutter templates here: Add automated tests for cookiecutter generation (!23) Those automated cookiecutter tests, and the corresponding fixes, just merged today so if you have an in-progress cookiecutter project or if you got stuck before, it might be worthwhile to rerun with the latest updates. Along with the “SCHEMA_DIR” fix from @edgar_ramirez_mondragon, @ken_payne (thank you!), these fixes should make cookiecutter templates easier to use for new sdk adopters. We’re gradually adding cookiecutter tests as well for new projects, but those and should not necessarily be expected to succeed yet without additional work from the developer. (More to follow.)