Just onboarding to Dagster, trying to orchestrate ...
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Just onboarding to Dagster, trying to orchestrate Meltano, dbt and GoodData with it. I executed all dbt models successfully, I can see each dbt model as asset in Dagster and can display its lineage. I successfully executed Meltano as a job, I followed the Dagster tutorial(https://dagster.io/blog/dagster-meltano-integration-tutorial) and dagster-meltano README(https://github.com/quantile-development/dagster-meltano). Now I am thinking about how to connect these two world together in Dagster. My idea is to load Meltano jobs as assets and define dependencies between Meltano and dbt assets. For instance, I extract/load github data from repo and org levels (two different taps). I would like to define two dependencies: • tap-github-repo -> dbt models commits, pull_requests, ... • tap-github-org -> dbt model repositories The example in the dagster-meltano repo shows how to expose meltano jobs into Dagster. But I would like to expose assets so I can include them into the Dagster lineage. Anyone tried to do something like that?