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04/03/2023, 4:48 PM
I finally made the switch in VS Code IDE from pylint/isort/pylance to ruff. So far, I'm very happy about the change. The most time consuming parts were: 1. Coming up with a good enough base config for Ruff. (I ended up copying from the SDK. šŸ™‚ ) 2. Finding all the now-redundant linters in VS Code, and figuring out how to turn each of them off. Top three benefits: ā€¢ The speed improvements are very noticeable. I always hated waiting for lint squigglies to update, and now the refresh is near-instant. ā€¢ Auto-fixing is fantastic, and also very fast. - "Auto-fix all fixable issues" - - this is my new favorite command in VS Code. šŸ˜… ā€¢ Inline "noqa" command options in the editor are chef kiss