# random


02/22/2023, 1:58 PM
Thinking of some randoms blog post that may grab past me's attention and might get me to look at singer/meltano deeper. Potential titles (All kinda suck but 🤷 ) • Standards based Data Integration ( 🥱 ) • Finally, a data standard for moving data between systems • Move data between systems the easy way • Stop writing N*K integrations, write them only once Outline of the blog post: 1. Summary ( Singer the data standard has been around for x years, Stitch built the standard and is using it today for massive compaines. Meltano hub lists >500 extractors/loaders. This isn't just an idea it's being used today for just about everything), pipe data from
tap-name | target-name
2. Priors (Establish authority with examples of how many are currently out there, link to the hub, and maybe some companies that are using this today, stitch etc) 3. What is the standard? Show messages, and maybe a
tap-name --config config.json --catalog catalog.json --state state.json
and maybe touch on discovery quick 4. Mention that you can run singer directly yourself, using a singer orchestrator (Meltano, pipelinewise, etc) and more. 5. The SDK allows folks to make taps very quickly, here's some of the taps written with the sdk so far! 6. Come join us! Chat GPT's 5 generated titles from the above info: 1. "Revolutionize Your Data Integration: Why Singer is the Game-Changing Standard You Need to Know" 2. "From N*K Integrations to One-Stop-Shop: How Singer is Simplifying Data Integration for Data Professionals" 3. "Discover the Power of Singer: A Comprehensive Guide to Seamless Data Integration" 4. "Say Goodbye to Data Integration Headaches with Singer and Meltano" 5. "500+ Extractors and Loaders: Why Singer and Meltano are the Ultimate Tools for Data Integration"