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01/12/2023, 10:44 AM
Meltano-UI current state and roadmap Hi Guys, I wanted to know what will happen with the UI? It is deprecated and I totally understand why, focus on CLI. What I don't get though are the implications. Let me explain my point of view for the UI. I configure everything as code. I do not "need" the UI but it is still a great feature to see things (not change or configure) and explain them. Especially with non Data Engineers, it is very usefull for the whole team to get an overview of the Taps, Targets and Pipelines. Additionally, it enables the team to do some things on their own like run a pipeline from the UI if they need fresh data quickly. I think it is a great feature which does not need more feature but still maintenance. As I saw in the release-annoucements, if there were bugs, they have been fixed till now. Will this continue or will you shut down the UI or the maintenance for the UI. Again, I strictly talk about Read-Only in the UI (+ Run Pipeline), nothing else. Thanks for the feedback 😉