hello, i've set up a very simple meltano dbt pipel...
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hello, i've set up a very simple meltano dbt pipeline to get customer data from a CSV into a DB for use by a SaaS developer, with some dbt tests. (Context: some of our customers subscribe outside the main payment platform & we need a way to sync their information). I started using meltano for analytics from multiple sources & that's STILL my main intention--which is a separate pipeline. This use case would be more operational. ...my coworker asked
I’m struggling to justify:
• the amount of configuration/code written
• the added dependencies for meltano/DBT. more dependencies =
◦ devops / maintenance burden
◦ developer learning overhead
◦ security risk
that this solution entails.
He proposed a "pure postgres solution that is transactional, enforces constraints, is trivially testable, and cleans itself up"
Could you explain why you’re a proponent of Meltano/DBT for this job?
I can answer this for my use case in analytics... but not sure about the operational case. Any thoughts on how to respond? or which solution is more logical? What advantages are yielded in this situation where's theres only 1, straightforward source?