guys who have already worked with dagster or maybe...
# plugins-general
guys who have already worked with dagster or maybe @jules_huisman can help me. 1. Can I call some operation between tap-my-tap-name and target-name with dagster meltano to be treated as a separate @op. That is what I want to try. 1. tap-my-tap name 2. send request to our server (where we proccess recieved data and return json) - this is necessary since now our entire application is running on node.js and cloud fucntions 3. target-name (here, with the help of meltano, we save what the server returned to us from the second paragraph) I can probably do this with meltano, but in this case I will again be faced with the fact that in the duster I will see it as a single Asset (and I would like to be able to observe the sequence) 2. Is it possible to somehow manage the environment variables for each job (we want to somehow scale and are looking for ideas for this), that is, when a new user appears, we need to create a new scheduler that will collect data.