Hello everyone. Please help me setup dagster_melta...
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Hello everyone. Please help me setup dagster_meltano. So, i have run 1.
meltano add utility dagster
meltano invoke dagster:initialize
pip install dagster_meltano
then I wanted to understand how everything works, but when I went to meltano_project/orchestrate/dagster/repository.py I see an import error there. Someone knows what's the matter? Does anyone have a working example of the correct usage. To be honest, now I don't understand what meltano invoke dagster:describe [args...] is used for. Is there some more detailed documentation about this somewhere? I will be glad if you can answer and give a couple of recommendations on how to properly start using it. I thought maybe some magic was going on and I just need to run meltano invoke dagster:start, but as I expected, I got an empty dagster