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02/24/2022, 6:47 PM
Is there a mechanism for conveying the max-digits of a field in tap schemas? (e.g. tap-mysql). I fixed target-bigquery to differentiate DECIMAL from FLOAT: But if a MySQL column is defined thusly: ``amount` numeric(65, 2) NOT NULL` then I need a BIGDECIMAL not a DECIMAL in the target. I don’t see a way to convey the max digits in JSONSchema. (Short of a “max/min” field, but JSON doesn’t have enough digits to hold the actual max). So that
is currently omitted from the tap’s singer schema as far as I can see:
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"amount": {
            "inclusion": "available",
            "multipleOf": 0.01,
            "type": [
One other solution is just to flag “use BIGDECIMAL instead of DECIMAL” for all columns created in BQ by the target. But that’s obviously not a universal solution.