Hello. I'm relatively new to Meltano. Just trying ...
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Hello. I'm relatively new to Meltano. Just trying to get at local dev env going. I came across my first question: • How do Python minor version upgrades work, especially in regards to tap and target maintainers? Example: • I would like to use the
extractor, but I am unable to do so as the maintainer of the
extractor has not added support for Python 3.10 yet, even though the Meltano SDK has received an updated boilerplate template for supporting Python 3.10 in any new plugins via MR #224 in December 2021 Should users/developers (like myself) just start raising issues in each plugin's issue tracker reactively every time a Python version compatibility problem occurs? Or is there a more proactive process to "nudge" all maintainers to keep their plugins up-to-date in regards to any new minor Python version upgrade?