Hi - first Meltano seems like a really cool projec...
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Hi - first Meltano seems like a really cool project. Thanks for your work on this. I am trying to use Meltano to pull data from several different GA accounts, and each account would have several different reports. However, almost all of them would need to use a segment in the report definition. I thought it might be easy enough to copy the current GA tap and add in some functionality to define reports and process responses with segment definitions. But it has been a bit of a rough ride. • Cloning the current https://gitlab.com/meltano/tap-google-analytics and updating the name to get a working tap I could tinker with - this was not straightforward. It seemed like there were many config options I needed to know in order to install the new repo as a custom tap. For example, tap-google-analytics has config options in the UI and some of them are required and others are optional. I could not find a way to indicate that a config option was optional. I looked in the source code, and for any documentation but was unsuccessful. • If I added a config setting which was type 'file', I got a file upload in the meltano UI, but when I uploaded a file, i.e. my service account json, it was not saved anywhere. • When I tried to test the connection, I get "invalid extractor connection" The only place I see this string and what it means in in a couple of meltano issues. I was hoping there might be someone who either had implemented a Google Analytics Tap with segment capabilities, or had some suggestions on what might get me on the right path a little quicker.