<@U06CBKL5W7L> I hope it's ok to ping you directly...
# plugins-general
@aaronsteers I hope it's ok to ping you directly. I'm working on the PR for
to add the repo list, and I think I caught a bug in the sdk, but wanted to check with you if I'm using it correctly:
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tap1 = TapGitHub(config=REPO_LIST_CONFIG)
catalog = tap1.catalog_dict
set_catalog_stream_selected(catalog, "issue_comments", selected=False)
# now I expect catalog to contain "selected": false for the issue_comments stream, but it doesn't
tap2 = TapGitHub(config=REPO_LIST_CONFIG, catalog=catalog)
# I would expect tap2 to NOT sync the issue_comments stream
seems to modify a copy of a part of the original catalog, and not the object passed, meaning it seems to have no effect. Is my code above correct (or is the bug in here)?